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SU Skating School

Winter Session 2018

At Tennity we offer skating lessons taught by professional instructors for a variety of ages and abilities. The Tennity program follows the guidelines of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) for lessons and testing. The ISI concept ensures enjoyable and relaxing skating while providing a practical approach to mastering the skills of skating. Click on the links for more information and applications.


Winter 2018 Session 

Saturdays: January 20th- March 3rd  10am-12pm

All participants are invited to participate in the Fall Skating Exhibition. 

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Tots I, II, III, IV
(ages 3-5)*

Instruction with learning to fall and recover correctly. Balance and self confidence are stressed. A beginner who has never skated belongs in Tot I.

Adult Beginner 

Adults only. Adult I is for the beginner. Adult II is for the skater with some basic knowledge of skating.


For the skater with some basic knowledge of skating. One and two-foot glide, forward and backward swizzles, and backward wiggles are taught.

Alpha (Basic)

For the skater who has passed Pre-Alpha or has done some crossovers (left and right). Snow plow stop, beginning forward spiral, and two-foot spins are taught.
Delta (Pre-Freestyle)

Inside 3 turns, forward outside and
inside edges, lunge, shoot-the-duck, and bunny hops are taught.
Beta (Intermediate)

For the skater who has passed Alpha or has beginning knowledge of backward
connecting skating. Backward skating, backward crossovers (left and right), and T-stops are taught.
Gamma (Advanced)

Mohawks (left and right), outside 3
turns, hockey stops, and beginning waltz jumps are taught.
Freestyle I-V 

For the skater who has passed Delta. Beginning jumps and spins are taught.
Ice Dance 
 For the skater (all ages) who is at least at the Gamma level. Learn the basics of ice dancing (steps, patterns, timing, etc.).