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SU Skating School

Summer Session 2019

Registration for the Summer Session of Skating School is now open! Click here to register. All group lessons for the Summer session will take place on Tuesday evenings.

Session Details: 6-week session starts with a welcome/skating assessment session on June 11*. Regular lessons begin June 18. Additional lesson dates are: June 25 and July 9, 16, 23, and 30.

*If you have never skated with us before, we strongly reccommend that you attend the June 11 session. Returning students are welcome and encouraged to attend as well. 

Programs: The SU Skating School offers Learn-to-Skate (ISI), Sled Hockey, and Adult Learn-to-Play Hockey. We also offer private instruction for all disciplines of skating.  

Learn to Skate (4:30-7:30pm*)- Our Learn to Skate program offers something for skaters of all ages and abilities. We follow the guidelines of the Ice Sports Industry (ISI) for lessons and testing. The ISI concept ensures enjoyable and relaxing skating while providing a practical approach to mastering the skills of skating. More information about the various ISI levels can be found below.

Sled Hockey Skating (7-8pm*) - Skating is the foundation of sled hockey. Our program is geared toward participants who are new to the sport or who have previous experience and would like more practice with movement on the ice. We focus on balance, turning, changing speeds, and changing direction. Stickhandling, passing, and shooting are also covered but the main focus is on skating. All participants are required to wear a helmet (with full face mask/shield) and gloves.

Adult Learn-to-Play Hockey (8:30-10pm*) - Our Adult LTP program is for Men and Women 18 years or older who are interested in learning the game of hockey. Our program is geared toward novice and intermediate players but all levels are welcome. Sessions will focus on skating and skill development followed by small area games and controlled scrimmages. Helmet (with full face mask/shield), gloves, and full hockey pads are required. 

*All times are subject to change based on enrollment and instructor availability. The final group schedule will be determined in April. If you have conflicts/scheduling concerns, please contact


Learn to Skate and Sled Hockey

SU/ESF Students - $50
Season Pass Holders - $55
All others - $60
Family Discount - $10 for 2nd family member

Adult Learn-to-Play Hockey

SU/ESF Students - $90
Season Pass Holders - $95
All others - $100
Family Discount - $10 for 2nd family member

Full payment is due before the start of the first lesson. We accept credit card or personal check. Our facility does not accept cash.

We apologize that online payment is not available at this time. To make a payment, stop in to our facility. Payment can be made on the first day of lessons. 

Please contact Aaron Landers with any questions.

General Info

Ice skating is a great way to stay physically fit and have fun! We offer programs for students of all ages, skill levels, and abilities. All ice skating classes are 30 minutes in length and include free use of rental skates* or sled hockey sleds. On the first day of class, please arrive 30 minutes early to try on skates, read and sign the liability waiver, submit payment, and ask any questions. 

*We recommend that new skaters use our rental skates before investing in a pair of new skates. If purchasing skates, we recommend doing so from a specialty retailer and not a department store. Please see a member of our staff if you need guidance before purchasing new skates.


  • Payment is due by the start of the first session.
  • All participants (or a legal guardian) must read, understand, and sign a liability waiver.
  • Refund or pro-rating due to missed classes is not available.
What to Wear
  • Dress warmly but allow for freedom of movement.
  • Mittens or gloves are recommended.
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for all skaters. Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion has a limited number of helmets available for student use.
  • Make sure skates are fitted properly:
    -Typically 1 size smaller than shoe size
    -Laces are securely tied
    -Skates are snug through the boot and the ankle
    -Our staff is available to help with the fitting and tying of skates.
Where to Meet
  • Skaters will check-in at the table located outside of the Tennity proshop. We will inform you of who your instructor is and provide you with a name tag. The name tag must be returned after class.
  • Students needing rental skates can head into the Tennity ProShop after check-in where a member of our staff will assist you.
  • The notification board between the rinks will display photos of our instructors and their class roster. Class rosters will also be posted outside the rink entrance.
  • Skaters will meet their instructors at the entrance to the main ice.

During Class

  • Only lesson participants and instructors are allowed on the ice.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to watch from the bleachers.
  • Parents are asked to not stand in the area by the doors to the main ice.
  • Parents are not permitted to stand in the player’s benches or penalty boxes.
  • Parents should not pick up skaters and carry them with their skates on.
  • Street shoes, boots, sandles, etc. are not allowed on the ice.


  • Skaters are evaluated by their instructors on the last day of class.
  • Instructors will inform students and/or parents if the student completed the level or will need to repeat the level during the next session.
  • Some skill levels may require more than one session to master. It is not unusual for skaters to repeat a level two or more times.
  • Skating skills build upon each other. Therefore, it is important that skaters only move up to the next level after completely mastering their current level.
Practice, practice, practice!
We encourage all skaters to practice on their own to improve their skills. Our Studio Rink is open for students to practice before and after lessons and Open Skating is always available at the Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion!

ISI Skating Levels

Our Learn to Skate program follows the guidelines of the Ice Sports Industry (ISI) for lessons and testing. A student's current level is based upon successful completion of the objectives of the previous level. Decisions on levels and groups are made by the Skating Director and Program Coordinator. Please contact Aaron Landers with any questions.

The levels are as follows:

Tots I, II, III, IV (ages 3-5): Instruction with learning to fall and recover correctly. Balance and self-confidence are stressed. A beginner who has never skated belongs in Tot I.

Pre-Alpha: For the skater with some basic knowledge of skating. One and two-foot glide, forward and backward swizzles, and backward wiggles are taught.

Alpha (basic): For the skater who has passed Pre-Alpha or has done some crossovers (left and right). Snow plow stop, beginning forward spiral, and two-foot spins are taught.

Adult: Adults only. Adult I is for the beginner. Adult II is for the skater with some basic knowledge of skating.

Beta (intermediate): For the skater who has passed Alpha or has beginning knowledge of backward connecting skating. Backward skating, backward crossovers (left and right) and T-stops are taught.

Gamma (advanced): Mohawks (left and right), outside 3 turns, hockey stops, and beginning waltz jumps are taught.

Delta (pre-freestyle): Inside 3 turns, forward outside and inside edges, lunge, shoot-the-duck, and bunny hops are taught.

Freestyle I-V: For the skater who has passed Delta. Beginning jumps and spins are taught.

Group Ice Dance: For the skater (all ages) who is at least at the Gamma level. Learn the basics of ice dancing: steps, patterns, timing, etc.