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Big Rink Schedule

Open Skating on the Main Ice

For updated skate times call 315-443-4254 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
        30 31 1
11-9pm 1-5pm 12-6pm


4 5 6 7 8
1-5:30pm 1-5:30pm 2-6pm Small Rink 5:30-8pm No Big Rink 3:30-6pm
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
115-5pm 145-530pm 115-530pm 2-8pm 11am-9pm 10am-3pm Small Rink
16 17 18 19 30 1 2
115-6pm 145-1030pm 115-530pm Closed Closed Closed Closed

When the main ice is not available open skating will take place on the studio rink.

*This is a limited use facility for the Students, Staff and Alumni of Syracuse University. *

*You must be affiliated with SU or ESF (student, staff, faculty, etc.) to use our facility. Otherwise you must come as a guest of an affiliated person. *